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    signature in Acrobat Pro different from Reader

    Matbathome Level 1

      I have Acrobat Pro. When I click on "Place Signature", it forces me into a weird certificate, not the option to type my name like Acrobat Reader. I want to simply type my name.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What Acrobat/Reader allows depends on the document. For example, If the document has any of the following characteristics, you won't be allowed to e-sign, but you may be able to digitally sign:


          1. The document is Reader-enabled

          2. The document has any digital signature fields. This includes a certfied document.

          3. The document includes a button with a "Submit a form" action.

          4. Other things.


          If you can provide a link to a sample that doesn't allow this, we could take a look and tell you the specific reason.