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    RH8 upgrade to RH9: after generating/publishing in WebHelp the left nav pane is empty

    Document Writer

      Thank you in advance for any suggestions!


      I have a project in RH8 on a computer with Windows XP. I copied the project and put it on a different computer with RH9 and Windows 7.

      I did not change the folder/files names, and the project opened just fine on the new computer in RH9.

      For generating/publishing, the directories/file names/publishing location, etc. are identical for both the RH8 and RH9 projects. However, after generating and/or publishing the RH9 project in WebHelp, the left navigation pane is empty.

      After generating the RH9 project in FlashHelp, the TOC displays, but after publishing, the left navigation pane is empty even though it was there after generating. Additionally, the RH9 project displays the FlashHelp skin after generating, but displays a WebHelp skin after publishing.