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    Had lightroom 5 (purchase) - switched to PC and iPad creative cloud version. Still think it's trial


      I had purchased Lightroom 5.3 (not CC) and have used it for a few months.  When the iPad version came out a couple of days ago - I loaded it on my iPad according to instructions, upgraded PC to 5.4, and ran "trial" version of iPad/PC lightroom.  I then followed prompts to purchase subscription (special deal photoshop/Lightroom only for 1 year).  Both PC and iPad lightroom copies still say "28 days remaining".  It clearly does not know I have a subscription.  I re-registered my Lightroom on PC - but it didn't help.  The Lightroom 5.4 was obtained by going to "check for updates" on 5.3 and updating to 5.4.  What do I do?  My card has been charged and subscription is running, but the programs don't seem to know it.  What do I do?