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      i am running windows 7-64bit--ie11--on an hp--had flash player 12.0--32bit --somehow it quit working & couldn't watch vids at all---rebooted hp--didn't help---uninstalled--reinstalled 13.0-64bit-ended up with 32bit--you tube still said it wasn't there---came to adobe,said it was there--went to another site couldn't play vids there either---came back--again it was----sooooo i uninstalled & tried again--when i hit install now..it went to click here for help----did-- talked about dialog boxes----none showed up--so couldn't click on those---turned off both antivirus & firewall with no success on that either-came backand now i'm here----so the question wolud be "WHAT NEXT"??????

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          Flash Player will automatically install both 32-bit and 64-bit players on a 64-bit operating system.  How did you only get 32-bit?


          Have you checked that the Shockwave Flash add-on is enabled, and ActiveX Filtering is disabled?  See

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            i thank you for taking your time to help other people solve their computer problems---yesterday i did check the add-ons & it was enabled----i didn't check the x-filter however until i read your advice....it was unchecked---but did check & uncheck just for the heck of it-----of course i went to you tube to make the test-----it still says i need flash player but now i can watch the vids-----maybe it's some sort of add thing----all i know is it made a mess of my day....


                     again i thank you for your help!!!!!!