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    FDB question

      I am looking at the docs for the break command to set breakpoints in FDB.

      break [args]

      Sets a breakpoint at the specified line or function. The
      argument can be a line number or function name. With no
      arguments, the break command sets a breakpoint at the
      currently stopped line (not the currently listed line).
      If you specify a line number, fdb breaks at the start of code for
      that line. If you specify a function name, fdb breaks at the
      start of code for that function.

      There does not seem to be support for having the same function name in different files. - Is there a workaround for this?

      For instance if have 2 .mxml files foo.mxml and bar.mxml how can specify that a breakpoint should be set in foo.mxml for function dothis() and not be set in bar.mxml if bar.mxml has a dothis() function also?

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          Hi John,
          If you set a current file to the one you would like to set a breakpoint, you should be able to set it to the function even if the same function is used in a multiple files. You can set a current file by 'cf [filename]'.
          Please try it out and let me know if it works.

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