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    [flash 6] print with #b frame

    Level 7

      I am trying to print a programmed map with a bounding box.

      My first problem is that all movieclips that doesn't exist on the
      #b-frame are only printed as they where in initial status. The clips in
      flash are displaying still the status after my actionscript run, but the
      print doesn't.

      My solution was to put all clips that where programmed in the b#-frame
      and move them under the bounding box. Next problem is that my map is
      masked on _level0 and the mask doesn't work on the #b frame. That means
      if I zoom in the virtual bound box becomes bigger - at least as big as
      the map is zoomed.

      I have to do this in Flash 6. This is for a huge number of customers
      that might not able to update the Flash plugin - i.e. because some
      sys-admin doesn't want them to.

      Does anyone have experience on this or even can help me with my problem?