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    Indesign CS6 transparency problem


      Hi all,



      A placed TIFF with a transparent background overlaps an indesign partially transparent graphic shape and where the two transparencies overlap text appears heavier, opacity is darker and sometimes there is an outline at the edge of the TIFF frame when printed.

      The PDF however does not show these effects on screen, it's only in the print.


      I've tried exporting with a variety of PDF types and settings, I've used the page window transparency settings, but I always see the same result in print.

      Likely, I will apply clipping paths in photoshop to 'trim' the transparent area of the image to reduce the effect and avoid text. But this isn't a solution really.



      Are there settings to deal with overlapping transparent images and objects?


      I've seen this discussed elsewhere a little, but haven't found a solution yet. Also, I can't post screen shots due to privacy concerns.

      Thanks in advance,