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    InDesgin CS6:  What is best practice for creating a jpg for web use?

    O Claire

      My graphic design experience is heavy toward print, but I’ve been charged to solve this web-graphics problem for my team. I’ve done searches online and can’t find resources specific to this issue. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.


      Here’s the issue:

      My team uses both InDesign and Photoshop CS6, to make landing pages and other stuff for our website. After saving to jpg files, the InDesign files always have jaggy text compared to Photoshop’s jpg. What are we doing wrong?  Can’t InDesign be used for web?  I’ve also tried saving it out as PNG with no better results.


      Note: The background in the InDesign files are created in Photoshop (these look fine in both programs)—but the text created in InDesign looks jaggy while Photoshop’s text looks clean.


      Here’s how we save it in Photoshop

      File > Save for Web with these settings: JPG, High, Optimized, Quality 70, Blur 0, Matte None, Quality Bicubic.


      Here’s how I solved the problem (which seems too labor intensive to actually be correct) Is there a better way?

      1. I convert text to outlines.
      2. I change the “intent” to web intent
      3. Manually reset the page size.   Whenever I change the intent in anyway, InDesign automatically changes the page size to 8.5”x11” or 800x600 pix regardless of the original page-size. I expect it to change proportionately from inches to pixels, or vise-versa, but it just won’t do it. Is there a preference for this somewhere?
      4. Export as JPG with these setting:  Quality Maximum, Format method progressive, Resolution 72 ppi, Color Space RGB, Options: Embed Color Profile: sRGB IEC6196-2.1, anti-alias.
      5. Our web people tell us that if we use a higher resolution the image comes in proportionately too large, and they can’t use it at that size.


      This seems like a lot of work. There must be a better way?