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    Importing fdf with js always get security warning


      Hi, I have a form with some options (1 category as text with drop down and 5 radio button). The selection get the name of the fdf file to import. On import I get every time the security warning. I select the "Remember this action..." and I click "Allow". In the Settings/Security (Enhanced) the path and the file doesn't appear, so I set it manually, but I still get the security warning everytime. Files are stored locally in a different partion as the system. This happens on 2 machines (Mac 10.7, Mac10.8, Acrobat X, ACrobat XI, Reader XI).


      this is the script


      var A = "/Volumes/Data_Sharing/Projects/.../.../.../";

      var B = getField("Category").valueAsString;

      var C = "-okom-data.fdf";

      var D = A + B + C;

      var E = this.getField("Text1");



      E.value = D;



      The field Text1 is only a string visualisation for controlling


      If I set an Import Data Event without js I don't have any security warning with fdf (but always with xfdf, xml and text files).


      If you know what I miss, thanks for any suggestion