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    How to I synch files with a co-worker so our changes are reflected in a single document?


      My co-worker and I would like to be able to upload a file so we can both work on it and have our changes retained. The support forum says:


      Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app keeps all the files in sync. Any additions, modifications, or deletions are reflected on all connected computers and devices. For example, if you upload an .ai file using the Creative Cloud Files page, it is automatically downloaded on all connected computers.


      However, when I share a file with her, she only gets a link to the read-only file, which she can download and then modify, but then she is creating a whole new document and we are making version control a nightmare. I want to be able to create a document, upload to CC Files, and have her also be able to access the CC Files folder, work on the file, and have her changes reflected for both of us, and so on. So I guess what we need is a shared CC folder? If I can create a file on my desktop, upload it to CC, and have it synch with my iPad, why can't we operate this same principle between her computer and mine?


      Is this possible?