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    Matching Tone


      Hi All,


      I am very (very!) new to Audition and have only really been using it for simple tasks so far but one thing I really would like to know if it is possible to do is match the 'tone / eq' of two different audio files.


      As an example I have an instrumental of a track thats been remixed by a DJ with fairly heavy bass lines and I have the original track that is quiet 'tinny'


      Is there a way to sample the tone / eq of the first track and apply it to the second so that i can mix them in together. I appriciate this is never going to be exact though !


      I have searched the forum before posting and saw a few similar topics but these all related to the 'human voice' so not sure if the replies are relevent to what I'm trying to do.


      I really would be grateful for any advice offered but would be equally grateful if it could be put simply as said I'm just learning.


      Thanks very much