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    I can't get Premiere Elements to publish and share!


      I need this for a project due!  Help! I must convert this file to a youtube.com video to put on a website.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          From the Premiere Elements Information FAQ http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1042180

          •What version of Premiere Elements? Include the minor version number (e.g., Premiere Elements 9 with the 9.0.1 update).

          •What operating system? This should include specific minor version numbers, like "Mac OSX v10.6.8"---not just "Mac"

          •Are you using an account with Administrator Privileges?

          •Have you installed any recent program or OS updates? (If not, you should. They fix a lot of problems.)

          •What kind(s) of image file(s)? When talking about camera raw files, include the model of camera.

          •If you are getting error message(s), what is the full text of the error message(s)?

          •What were you doing when the problem occurred?

          •What other software are you running?

          •Tell us about your computer hardware. How much RAM is installed?  How much free space is on your system (C:) drive?

          •Has this ever worked before?  If so, do you recall any changes you made to Premiere Elements, such as adding Plug-ins, brushes, etc.?  Did you make any changes to your system, such as updating hardware, printers or drivers; or installing/uninstalling any programs?

          And some other questions...

          •What are you editing, and does your video have a red line over it BEFORE you do any work?

          •Which version of Quicktime do you have installed?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            More details are needed to help you.


            1. What version of Premiere Elements are you working with and on what computer operating system is it running?


            2. There are two ways to get video uploaded to YouTube with Premiere Elements in the equation - which one are you after?


            a. With appropriate TImeline content and project settings, Publish+Share/Online or Social Websites (depending on which version of Premiere Elements that you are using)/YouTube and then select a Preset to use in the Presets field and hit Next and follow the instructions.




            b. With appropriate Timeline content and project settings, Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD and select a YouTube preset for this process that will save as a file to the computer hard drive. From the computer hard drive, you then upload that file to YouTube at the YouTube web site.


            Which one of those processes are you currently having problems with and what kind of problems

            a. YouTube will not verifiy your account

            b. YouTube upload fails

            c. Other


            You realize that if you use the upload to YouTube from within Premiere Elements, there are limits for file size and duration. So, some of your uploads may be failing because of the size and duration factors. You should be able to get extended limits at YouTube web site whereas you cannot within the Premiere Elements structure.


            But the answers are in the details and you have not provided much to go on.


            We look forward to complete information so that we can help you to succeed.


            Thank you.



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              KatORoberts Level 1

              I really appreciate any help I can get.  I did not have any problems previously but at the end of my last semester video class this began happening.  I didn't realize that is would be a long term issue.  I have uninstalled/reinstalled program numerous times.  It won't process anything or any type of download. 


              32-bit operating system

              Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30 GHz



              constant error:


              Error compiling movie.

              Unkown error.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Error Compiling Movie is for Premiere Pro, but there may be something here to help


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  The Premiere Elements document for Compiling Error is


                  I am assuming that you are using Premiere Elements and not Premiere Pro.


                  What are you doing in the program when you get this compiling error message....?


                  It is not clear what you are doing....you speak of any type of download. You import, edit, and export your Timeline content. You can even upload your Timeline to YouTube from within the program. But, download? Compiling error is most likely a message that you would receive in exporting your Timeline. Is that the case? And if that is the case, what is your export choice? We still do not the basic information version of Premiere Elements in use. You have included 32 bit operating system, some version of Windows.


                  Answers to all the questions at one time would expedite matters if you are in a time crunch to get this project completed.


                  Please refer to my prior reply numbered 2 where I have asked specific questions which all need answering to help you.


                  If your constant error is compiling movie, the please read the Compiling Error documents and then decide if any of the troubleshooting in them relates to your situation.


                  We will watch for further information from you to help us help you.


                  Thank you.



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                    KatORoberts Level 1

                    Well, first of all sorry for using the wrong terminology.  Obviously I am NOT proficient at using this program, which is why I am seeking help.  I do mean exporting and not downloading.  It doesn't matter which choice I pick for exporting.  I have tried them all.  The same thing occurs over and over....freezing up and error showing.  I already went to the same link posted earlier and it doesn' t solve the problem after using all troubleshooting suggestions


                    Windows 7

                    Premeire Elements 11 (no updates)

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the reply. Sorry that the link on Compiling Errors did not offer any help. So, if you are willing how about us digging into the details of what you have on your Premiere Elements 11 Timeline.


                      1. Have you let Premiere Elements 11 set the project preset for you? If so, what is it? We can figure that out by you telling us what you have under Edit Menu/Project Settings/General for Editing Mode, Timebase, Frame Rate, and Pixel Aspect Ratio (even if those fields appeared grayed out.


                      2. Then what have you imported into your Timeline..

                      photos (how many and what size in pixel dimensions)

                      videos (what duration and what formats)

                      any menu markers on the Timeline


                      what is the total duration of this Timeline when the freeze and crashes set in?


                      3. Above the Timeline is a -+slider for expanding the Timeline content so that you get a better look at what you have.

                      Use that slider to expand the Timeline content maximally. Then inspect the tracks for very thin vertical black lines scattered among the track contents. If you find them, they need to be deleted.


                      Look for gaps in the Timeline....transition placement...audio gaps...menu markers placement and spacing if applicable...


                      There are classical questions that we could go into if we do not focus on Compiling Error which you say is a constant.

                      The classical questions may include

                      a. Running latest version of QuickTime

                      b. Running the program Run As Administrator and from User Account with Administrative Privileges

                      c. Video card with its driver up to date according to the web site of the manufacturer of the video card


                      Right now the focus is on the Compiling Error that you report as constant.


                      Let us pause here and let us know if any of the above gave us insights in the core of the problem.


                      I am not looking for fixed terminology. My requests/questions are to assure that we are both in sync. We are eager for you to succeed.