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    How to Embed a Text Frame Within a Text Frame with Smart Text Reflow

    dEaF TO LiGhT

      This is driving me nuts, and I've wasted hours searching exhaustively but can't seem to find the answer.


      I've been working with this indesign file and cleaning it up really well.  I now have all the text flowing with smart text reflow.  There are two parts in the book that have columns of information, or tables.  The way it was originally done was having a text box placed inside the text box.  But unfortunately, whenever you add pages before or after, the text box won't follow with the text box it is inside.  I have tried grouping the two text boxes together, but this doesn't seem to work with Smart Text Reflow (since every page is based on the primary master). How do you embed a text frame inside another text frame that is based off the primary master?  I guess it would be like using the text frame as an object. 



      I included an image to help my explanation.

      I even tried adding columns and then spannign the header part across, but this still doesn't flow with the rest of the text.