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    No permission to copy the book - message


      I have Adobe DE installed and authorized on my laptop and same for my Nook Glowlight.  I can see the book I want to transfer in the ADE library but when I try to drag it to the Nook it get the message 'CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED - Nor permission to copy the book. Please help as I am lost as to what to try next.

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          It has come to light by several users that some publications, librarys, authors, etc. have restricted their epubs against copying, printing, or displaying on other than designated reader software or devices. Even some generic PDF publications are resistant to being read by anything other than Adobe Reader!!  Until this gets smoothed out, the use of a regular computer with several readers loaded may suffice to allow access to all desired epubs, even though it obviously may limit or restrict use of your particular device at this time.