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    Upgrading SVNKIT

    miragevideo Level 1

      I have Flash Builder 4.7 installed on Mac OSX Mavericks (10.9).  I am getting errors when accessing the SVN server we use, that has been working fine for a while.  Message is that the SVN 1.7 wil not work with SVNKIT 1.3.x.  So I installed SVNKIT 1.8.x, but it does not change in the SVN Interface drop-down.  I tried deleting the svnkit 1.8.x and now I do not see the option in the drop-down, but I cannot install the plugin again, becasue it says it already is installed.  How can I clean up the config files for Flash builder so it doesn't think this is still installed.  Hopefully that will allow me to choose the new svnkit fromthe drop down.