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    How to manage automated batch processing with save for web?

    littlelili Level 1

      Hi All,


      This has been driving me insane. I am currently in PhotoshopCC and I know that several versions back I had no problems doing this but now I cannot create a generic action that I can then have save out to different folders.


      What I used to be able to do and want to do again:


      I have a project that requires me to turn a print magazine into a website quarterly. I receive the files packaged from InDesign and I want to process the images to specific sizes and then save as web optimized.


      For each article I want to be able to select the source folder and then a unique folder to save to for each article, so that optimized  images for each article remain with the article files.

      I never had an issue  doing this until a version or two back, since then I can only create an action that will save for web to whatever folder is in the action.


      I resorted to using image processing scripts and never realized I was not resampleing  the images down to 72 dpi and am having an attack of how could I be so stupid.


      If anyone can direct me to creating an action that can accomplish the save for web with the ability to control what folder my files save to I'd really appreciate it.