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    Duplicate rows and data across multiple pages.


      My form has 12 pages (each page = 1 month). With a loop, the pages are hidden until the corresponding button is clicked and it becomes visible (Thanks Assure Dynamics for a great solution to a very long form).


      In Month 1, I have a table with a repeating row. What I would like to do is copy the repreating row and it's data to Month 2. Then I would like to have the table from Month 2, duplicate to Month 3, Month 3 to Month 4 and so on.


      I have been able to get the row from Month 1 to duplicate in Month 2 on the exit event of each cell in the row, however, when you are in Month 2 and do not change a cell which was created in Month 1, the data does not duplicate into the next month (Month 3). Instead of on the exit event of the cell(field), I thought placing it on a button would work but it is not.


      This is what I used on the exit event in the table for Month 1:

      xfa.resolveNode("Month2.Performancegoals2.updates.details[" + this.parent.index + "]").projectName.rawValue = this.rawValue;


      I also thought instead of using a table and a repeating row, I could place the information in a repeating subform but I am still stuck with how to copy the subform and its completed data to the next month.


      I am really stuck and have been looking for hours for a solution. Can anyone help, I am out of time for the deadline of this form.?