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    Problem with InDesign CC exported epub for upload to IngramSpark

    Max H Herr

      I am completely frustrated with IngramSpark.  I have an epub file exported directly from InDesign and it repeatedly is being rejected by Ingram with the following message:


      Adobe Format Rejected - Invalid Metadata or Content File04/10/2014 12:05:48Conversion Error: An error has occurred during the packaging process: E_PACK_ERROR http://localhost:8085/packaging/Package File%20already%20encrypted%20or%20unexcpected%20font%20mangling%20algorithm:%20http://www.idpf.org/2008/embedding Request XML was: &lt;package xmlns=&quot;http://ns.adobe.com/adept"> &lt;location&gt;ftp://LIGHTNINGSOURCE\autoftp:s3tpwd@localhost/GBTargets/9780985849405.enc</location> &lt;src&gt;http://ebook.lightningsource.com/TitleDownload/LSCFD.dll?hdlr=ADEPT&


      Ingram claims the E_PACK_ERROR is the problem and that it originates on my end.  We (the author and I) have tried numerous times via Verizon and AT&T servers to upload the file.  I have vetted the file for anything extraneous, even replacing an ornamental font with just the one font family, Adobe Caslon Pro.  I do not encrypt any files on my computer.


      I do not know what else I can do to avoid the E_PACK_ERROR.  Any suggestions would be of great assistance. This file passes muster with no errors when run through any of several different epub "validators", and the book performs flawlessly on Android phones and tablets, iPhones, and Windows and Mac PCs using several different ebook readers.