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    How to fit placed items multiple up?




      I am new to InDesign CC, and apologize if what I am looking for is a simple command and I am just not calling it the right thing.


      I am wanting to know if there is a way to automatically fill a blank document with placed items making it multiple up?


      A simple example would be a business card that I designed in InDesign. I have the margins, document size and bleed edges set, I would like to place them multiple up on various sizes to see what size would hold the most to trim. 8up typically go on a letter sized document etc. But now many could I fit on 12"x18", etc.


      What I am trying to accomplish not having to align each one manually which is slowing my work flow down. Plus when customers have odd sized documents they want cut and padded etc, having the abilitiy for the software to automatically place items that are all alligned by their trim edges would save a lot of proofing and re laying items out.


      The idea comes from my Silouette Cameo personal cutting plotter. The software lets you fill the cut area with a design and it is filled equally.


      There has to be a way commercial users can do this with out figuring all the math?


      Thanks for reading and have a great day.