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    Creative Cloud desktop keeps trying to reinstall updates

    Wilson Laidlaw Level 1

      Just over the last week or so, Creative Cloud desktop keeps trying to reinstall the same updates for Photoshop CC, Photoshop 6 and Bridge CC over and over again. As we do not have a fast broadband connection, this blocks the internet for everyone else at the same location for about an hour. I am running Bridge and Photoshop CC 14.2.1. I thought I had wholly uninstalled PS6 on the machine in question (Retina MacBook Pro), so I don't understand why CC desktop is trying to update it. Updates have installed for each of the last three days, so I cannot imagine there is another huge update waiting to install again today, as CC desktop shows.


      In addition CC destop keeps losing LightRoom 5 from my Apps. I already had a copy of LR5, which came with a Leica Camera but just to make sure it was linked to my CC acount, I reinstalled it via the CC desktop. It was showing as one of my updated apps but this morning has dropped down to showing "install" again, even though the latest version 5.4 is defintiely installed, synched and working.