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    Lost support for CR2 (Canon RAW) in After Effects following AdobeCameraRAW update

    A C

      Has Adobe dropped Canon RAW support in After Effects?


      I do timelapses.  I grade in Lightroom, create xmps, then drag the folder containing the CR2s and xmps from the Finder window into After Effects to create the sequence.


      I was post-processing timelapses in After Effects on April 7th, 2014.  I then receive an update notification for Camera Raw  I closed all open apps and updated.  Once the update had finished, I reopened the same project in After Effects, to find that After Effects no longer supports CR2 (Canon RAW).


      Can't work with old projects containing CR2, likewise can't import new folders from the Finder window by clicking and dragging, or otherwise.   Can't even import a single still CR2 file into After Effects since updating.


      Error ( 39 :: 7 )


      iMac 10.1 (maxed out)

      MBP Retina 10.1 (maxed out)

      CS6 Production Premium

      Lightroom 5


      Same results on both computers since updating.