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    Why does the latest flash update automatically install Mcafee?


      Just wondering why I can't opt out of installing unwanted software when updating flash player?


      For reference:


      - I turned on my computer and was faced with a regular looking flash player box that stated an update was available.

      - I clicked the "update" button and was taken to the following page: https://get3.adobe.com/flashplayer/download/?installer=Flash_Player_13_for_Other_Browsers& os=Windows%207&browser_type=Gecko&browser_dist=Firefox&a=McAfee_Security_Scan_Plus_FireFox _Browser&dualoffer=false&type=au&browser_vers=28 (yes it mentions Mcafee in the address, but only the address. No warning whatsoever on the actual webpage. I wasn't aware that it would automatically install Mcafee without asking).

      - I saved the update, then ran it (there were no checkboxes at all to opt out of Mcafee, it just installed it).



      Not particularly happy at having unwanted software installed with no real warning, and no opt out available.


      Win 7 x64 updating flash to v