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    Shortcut keys explaination needed


      I've read up in Captivate help about shortcut keys, but am unclear as to whether they are to help me develop more productively or if they are used by the learner who is taking the course to do some action.

      Any clarification is appreciated.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Lisa

          Maybe this will help. Let's say you have a project where you expect the user to select the File menu. Now in Windows, you may certainly click the word "File", but an equally valid action would be to use the keyboard and press Alt+F to make the menu appear. So using a shortcut, you could assign Alt+F to be considered the same action as clicking "File". This way you wouldn't penalize the user that prefers the keyboard when using your Captivate movie.

          Make sense? I hope so... Rick
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            lforman Level 1
            Thanks Rick,

            Just wanted to make it clear to myself whether the shortcuts were for the learner or for me as a developer.