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    How to play different HTML 5 animations interactively.

    Yatish Asthana

      Hi all,


      I have created 5 different animations in Edge Animate. and now i want to play each animation one by one , everytime user clicks on the screen.


      What should i do?


      i created a new file to assemble different animations (EXPORTED symbols) .
      STEP 2 : I placed all the animations sequentially over the timeline and added a STOP trigger between every two animations.
      STEP3: I added an action -PLAY over every animation.



      Now what happening is : First animation Plays well --- It stops --- now when i click on the screen -- the next animation appears like a thumbnail...( ALL STATIC ) and so on..


      Am i approaching this the wrong way.


      It would be very great if i can get a solution ...

      Thanks and regards.