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    FrameMaker won't export properly to PDF turning external cover to internal left first page


      Document covers assigned Right side, have all translated to first page left side in the PDF conversion.
      Save as PDF

      Save Book As

      reset my PDF settings

      and it won't print to PDF, crashed the system every time, so nothing going there.



      Each document set up, recognizing that all chapters start on the right, including the cover.  Formatting in document and book.


      This is a new problem, I don't know what happended, but making the starts on the left, throws off the entire technical document.  The documents are correct in FM, just not converting properly.


      Please help.


      I can't seem to fixe it from Acrobat Pro 9, or from within FrameMaker11


      This is highly frustrating.


      Thank you for any and all input.