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    FDS Test Drive - help with sample apps

      I'm trying to use the FDS 30 Minute TestDrive sample apps inside
      Flex Builder. I downloaded the test drive and all the samples work
      just dandy fine, and I can view the source etc. So I wanted to load
      some of the sample apps into Flex Builder so that I could modify and
      play with them with the debugger so as to learn more.

      I've tried the following:
      create New Project - use Flex Data Services/compile app locally
      Root Folder: C:\fds-tomcat\webapps\ROOT
      Root URL: http://localhost:8600/ROOT. When I click Finish, I get the
      following 3 errors in the Output panel:

      unable to load SWC fds.swc: multiple points
      unable to load SWC fds.swc: multiple points
      The definition of base class Locale was not found
      Could not resolve<mx:Application> to a component implementaion

      I am on Flex 2.0.143459.

      I've verified that fds.swc is indeed in the
      C:\fds-tomcat\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\flex\libs folder.
      I don't know what the other messages mean or what to do.

      I then stubbornly unzipped one of the sample apps into the
      FlexBuilder project folder (which I named FDS TestDrive Samples) and
      tried to run it anyway to see if I could get more info. I then get
      a browser window with the following additional errors:
      type Status report
      message /ROOT/FDS%20TestDrive%20Samples/Chat.html
      description The requested resource (/ROOT/FDS%20TestDrive%
      20Samples/Chat.html) is not available.

      So I guess one problem is that it is not making an html document.
      But I don't know how to correct that.

      I have no idea what to do. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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          SPGAnne Level 1
          Someone helped me offlist with this after I got frustrated that this forum is essentially dead. But in case anyone else needs this info, I thought I'd post. First you need to be on Flex version 2.0.155577. So I had to redownload all of Flex, uninstall my older version, install the new version. Then I did the following
          to create the Flex Builder project for the dashboard sample app:

          File - > New -> Flex Project
          Select Flex Data Services
          Select Compile application locally
          Click Next
          Deselect "Use default local Flex Data Services Location"
          Click Browse... and open c:\fds-tomcat\webapps\ROOT
          Root URL: http://localhost:8600/
          Context root: /
          Click Next
          Project name: <Whatever you want to name it>;
          Deselect "Use default location"
          Folder: c:\fds-tomcat\webapps\ROOT\dashboard
          Click Next
          Main application file: dashboard.mxml
          Click Finish

          The Context root was really key. Also, to get my old projects back into Flex, I used file:import and then had to do a little additional fiddling with some of the projects' properties.

          Too bad this Forum is so dead. I've tried to get feedback to Adobe about that concern, but so far it hasn't helped. sigh