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    Web Developer needed in Louisville, Kentucky - Full-time Position

      Hey guys and gals! This is a real job - not a contract job, not a freelance job, but a real full-time paid job in a professional office.

      So if you are wanting to settle down and make a consistent wage and have some fun coding, then give me a yell. Must be willing to move to

      Louisville, Kentucky (USA) area. Serious inquiries only.

      We are a small but quickly growing company. We have many web development projects in the pipe and many coming down the pipe. We are

      looking for a solid Flash Animation / Actionscript / PHP / MySQL programmer with osCommerce / CRE Loaded experience (preferred).

      We would also like a candidate to have experience with:
      1. Relational database knowledge
      2. SQL Syntax Experience
      3. HTML and CSS Web Layout
      4. Flash 8 (ActionScript 2.0)
      5. ASP (Classic 3.0)
      6. PHP

      We would also prefer experience with:
      1. ASP.NET 2.0
      2. Database Engines: MySQL, MS SQL Server, Access
      3. Visual Basic
      4. XHTML / CSS Advanced Layout
      5. Access Database Programming (VBA)
      6. Photoshop (basic usage and slicing)
      7. Windows Server 2003 & IIS 6

      General Skills and Abilities:
      - Communicate with clients on a technical and non-technical level.
      - Basic project management skills (ability to organize tasks and communicate status, timeframes, and changes needed).
      - Ability to work with little to moderate supervision.
      - Ability to self educate and learn new techniques and skills quickly.
      - Ability to work in fast paced, casual environment where tasks and priorities may change from day to day.
      - Must be reliable and dedicated with a high work ethic.
      - Ability to be professional around clients and have fun when not.
      - Able to lift up to 55lbs.
      - Able to sit for long periods of time.
      - Able to view computer screens for long periods of time.
      - Able to use computer input devices such as keyboard and mouse.
      - Able to easily communicate with clients via e-mail, telephone, or written methods.
      - Some travel may be required to meet with clients to discuss projects. Mostly local, but may have some overnight stays (rare).

      We may offer moving expenses on a case by case basis.

      Day to day overview:
      A normal day would consist of arriving at the office and being prepared to work at 9am (Monday through Friday). Your task list will be

      created for that day or week (whichever makes sense). You will work through the task list until completed.

      Tasks will be taking a web development project from start to finish. Setting up the web server, creating the database structure, coding any

      programming necessary. Also will assist with general web development tasks such as slicing a web design in Photoshop,
      creating the HTML layout of the website, changes to existing websites, etc.

      Flash animiations, flash video production, and Actionscript programming will also be performed by this position.

      We are a small, but growing company, so other duties may be requested to help fill in gaps where needed. We pride ourselves on customer

      service and being responsive to our clients. A positive, "can do" attitude is required.

      There will be a lot of freedom and opportunities to help improve the organization and how projects are completed. We are growing rapidly,

      so opportunities for professional growth and promotion will be given to staff that go above and beyond and show initiative.

      Some overtime will be required to meet deadlines and keep project workload under control.

      About Media Marketers:
      Formed in 2001 as an advertising and promotional company, Media Marketers has found a niche and grown in Web Development, Video Production,

      and Marketing. Our office is located in the heart of the Bluegrass Industrial Park on the east side of Louisville. This location allows us

      quick access to many resources. Our work environment is casual, open, friendly, and caring. We are a small company and value our staff's

      creative ideas. We strive to push the web development and marketing envelope with solid technologies and highly creative designs and ideas.

      We educate our clients on technology and marketing and help them improve their image, streamline their workflow, and disseminate


      Anyone qualified, interested, and hard working should send a resume and cover letter to:



      Media Marketers, Inc.
      1808 Cargo Ct
      Louisville, KY 40299

      Website: www.MediaMarketers.com

      No phone calls please. Equal Opportunity Employer