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    Lingo syntax with complex lists

      Hello again,

      After sorting out some earlier misunderstandings on my part and thanks to the community, I have come across my first major stumbling block in logic and know-how I suppose.

      Basically, I am developing a game that has very simple rules. I need to do a few things most of which are simple collections of user input. After collection, basically, storing that data for future retrieval, and modification is where I am stumped. I started by taking in all the user's, keeping in mind there is no limit to how many people can "play the game". I stored this in a list.

      Next, the game dictates that on each day, a player inputs a number, and rolls 2 dice. The number is multiplied by the die rolls and that number is stored for the first "day" of the game, for that user. I have to do this for every user for 1 day. I need to account their mistakes in input to allow editing of all input at any time. Nested lists seems like it could work but i'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it. Is nested lists really the way to go with this?...

      Variable players, variable days, variable sales (day) variable sales (total)

      Sample data could look like:

      global tDays -- total days chosen to run through

      -- nested lists? I'd need a grouping of all players
      Player: Pete
      day1Roll = 6
      day1sales = 4500
      day1ModSales = 27000

      So once it's all said and done, I should be able to look at everyone at once, along with individuals if I want... I'm just looking for a good starting point. I've never done anything like this. I could do this with SQL, a database, and asp.net no problem, but Director I haven't used extensively in quite a while. I visited the Xtra's for databases but the demo's were very poor, so I don't feel confident in paying a lot for a retail version of them. Recommendations? Sorry for the long message, thanks in advance for any adivce!