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    Is there a way to seed the SaveAs value triggered by the digital signature


      Hello Everyone,


      I have a form going out to hundreds of people. When the form is completed, the last thing they do is digitally sign the form (which prompts them to save it), and then they click a submit button, which e-mails it to me.


      The issue I am having, is when the users are saving the form, they just click the Save button. This is saving the form with the original name. When we're moving the forms from our e-mail client to the server, we have to rename them all one by one, or we get the pop-up alert asking us if we want to overwrite the file which uses the same name.


      So my question is this: When someone digitally signs the PDF, bringing up the SaveAs dialogue box, is there any way to seed the default value of the filename? (For example, the form has a field "Name" where I capture their name. Can I populate the SaveAs value with what has been entered in the "Name" field?)


      I've done some research, and it does not seem like there is a way to seed that value. Instead, I'm currently running this script on the signature's MouseDown trigger:


      app.alert("Please add your name to the filename before signing");




      If there is a better solution, please feel free to say.






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