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    Purposely skipping fields in Data Merge


      So Im currently in the process of creating a product catalog and this is the first time Ive ever used data merge.

      The layout goes as follows: 

      On each page there is a basic product category followed by a description, Features, an image and line diagram of the product, then a table with multiple product codes, and about 9 specification fields for each product code.


      On my CSV file Ive got all of my main tags filled accordingly. 

      On the 2nd Row I start with the product category and keep going till all of the cells are completed.

      But because there will be multiple part numbers on the table of each page (all associated to the same category, description, feature, image, etc.), when I get to the 3rd row, I left the category/description/and image cells blank.


      When I preview everything it looks like its going to work. But when I go to merge the document with multiple records on the page, it doesnt merge with multiple records in the table.

      It does the first page with the first row of info (Category, description, features, photo,and first line in the table), but then creates multiple pages with the rest of the table info that was supposed to be on the first page. 


      Im not sure if there is a way to get all of the info populated onto the same page. Any help would be appreciated. Also I forgot to mention that I'm using CC.