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    Cannot upgrade older RH projects to RH 9 or RH 11 (trial version)


      When I try to upgrade an older RH project to RH 9 (regular version) or RH11 (trial version), I get the "Error in reading RHFrameStyleMappings.apj file" error and the other error that follows it. I tried the solution posted on the forum, which was to create a new blank project and then copy the newly created RHFrameStyleMappings.apj file into the old project. This doesn't work for me. When I create a new blank project, I don't get an RHFrameStyleMappings.apj file. To the best of my knowledge, the project I'm trying to upgrade was created with RH8, but it's possible that it's even older because it's been quite a while since I've had to update it. 


      Does anyone have a solution other than the one that's posted? I would really like to avoid having to re-create the entire project.