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    Advice please on Lightroom and CS on Creative Cloud


      A few months back I enquired as a long term user of Lightroom since the very first beta before Lightroom 1 and Photoshop Elements for even longer whether there was a way to get Lightroom 5 and CS inexpensively through the Creative Cloud but was told that Lightroom and Elements didn't qualify me for that deal. So I bought the £57 upgrade to Lightroom 5. I now see that  there is a 'time limited' deal offering Lightroom 5 and CS for £8.78 a month. This was the very deal I was after but I have now invested in Lightroom 5 ...what should I do. And if I jump to the Cloud will this sort of deal continue at the end of the first year. I can afford/justify this cost but not a big hike of that.


      Please advise and what I should do with my old Lightroom 5 licence...can I sell that on? Otherwise it seems I have paid twice...


      Photoshop CC and Lightroom


      Limited-time only: Get both apps for one great price.

      Photoshop CC and Lightroom


      Annual plan for





      per month


      incl. VAT



      Many thanks,




      A longtime Lightroom advocate