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    Preview Button!!!!


      Hello, I am incredibly upset about the removal of the preview button in Camera Raw. It has completely interrupted my workflow. I don't mind the ADDITION of new features for those who make take advantage of them, but the REMOVAL of perfectly good features that many of us are used to using is asinine and if you can't tell I am rather upset about it. Please for the sake of god bring it back.

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          Noel Carboni Level 7

          Can you describe the workflow you use(d) in which you employed the Preview button?


          Perhaps there's another way to "get there from here" with the new version.



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            stlouiscrash09 Level 1

            I understand the "before and after" button, but if you go on to another

            photo you cant use it anymore. It's very frustrating. I would edit a photo

            and check the preview button to see the before and after, then move on.

            Sometimes I would find something that works different in another photo and

            want to go back and make small tweaks to a previous photo and I would still

            want to use the preview button to compare to the original, not the first or

            second or third edit. It is very frustrating.

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              stlouiscrash09 Level 1

              I would rather see the before and after each as full screen. I dont have a

              40 inch monitor to be able to seem them full size.

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                stlouiscrash09 Level 1

                I apologize for being so upset, but it is very frustrating to attempt to do

                something and find it's been changed. I've noticed that there is no way at

                all to see what the original photo looked like without resetting all your

                adjustments. The new "before and after" buttons only go back to your most

                recent settings. Not what the original photo was. I don't care what my last

                edit looked like, I want to know what my original looked like and what my

                current edit looks like. Again I apologize for being so upset, and I

                appreciate your time.


                Very Respectfully,


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                  Jeff Schewe Level 5

                  stlouiscrash09 wrote:


                  The new "before and after" buttons only go back to your most

                  recent settings. Not what the original photo was. I don't care what my last

                  edit looked like, I want to know what my original looked like and what my

                  current edit looks like.


                  In the main ACR flyout window, select Image Settings to see what the image looked like when you opened it, to go back to the current adjusted setting, select Custom Settings. You can toggle back and forth using Undo.

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                    Carlos (Photoshopeando)

                    I have a related question: the new "global" before / after is nice for me - well, to a certain degree, I share stlouiscrash09 point of view regarding the fact that once the settings are saved into the xmp, that will be the new "before" from now on when the file is opened again. But anyway, as Jeff pointed out, there is a workaround via the flyout menu.


                    What I don't like, or maybe I'm confused, is the fact that previously, we could use the old "preview" checkbox see a before/after just for the current panel. According to Julieanne Kost's blog, this feature still exists in ACR 8.4 via the "p" key:


                    “While in the standard single-view, tapping the “P” key will still hide/show settings for only the selected panel


                    But when I press "P", it does the same as "Q": it toggles between the before and the after (but without the split-screen interface). In other words, if I turn the image to grayscale from "HSL Grayscale", and then apply a vignette from "FX", the old preview checkbox would allow me to do a selective "on / off" for one setting or the other (grayscale or vignette, depending on which panel I'm in). But now, pressing "P" just goes ahead and enables/disables everything.


                    It's strange that as far as I know, nobody else seems to have complained about this, so I'm afraid I'm misunderstanding something. But I'm unable to find the answer by myself so I'd rather ask. Thanks for any clarification about this issue.

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                      Arbitrary software change like this are tough on those of us who work under deadlines.

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                        MChamlee Level 1

                        Preview?!?!?!?   I can no longer see before and after preview of just my sharpness/noise reduction settings.

                        I agree with stlouiscrash09. . . . "I am incredibly upset about the removal of the preview button in Camera Raw. It has completely interrupted my workflow. I don't mind the ADDITION of new features for those who make take advantage of them, but the REMOVAL of perfectly good features that many of us are used to using is asinine and if you can't tell I am rather upset about it. Please for the sake of god bring it back."

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                          elderlad Level 1

                          Completely agree with everyone that is upset.


                          I use the fullscreen preview toggle on/off all the time whenever I make any changes > for every single photo.

                          It allows you to centre yourself and gain "fresh eyes" on your edit by reverting back to the original to see how far you've come - a vital tool used at the start of my workflow
                          Not keen to use a slow work-around that achieves a similar result, soI'll be re-downloading 8.3 and am hoping to see the next version of ACR re-introduce this function

                          Please listen on this one Adobe

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                            Hudechrome Level 2

                            I am in complete agreement with the comments here, especially the need to view sharpening specifically. If ACR had  History, it would be a no-brainier. I need to be able to do more than use the Ctrl-Z. Toggling between custom and undo still gets me the total change, not the panel change only.


                            Lame fixes don't cut it. Particularly if we have to now figure some workaround to stupidity.

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                              In Camera Raw 8.3 I used the Preview button on each tab of correction (Basic, Curve, Effect, Lens Correction.... and others) very often it is important for me.




                              I could look at result of concrete correction on each separate tab (Basic, Curve, Effect, Lens Correction.... and others). How I can return this function in Camera Raw 8.4?


                              I don't accept the new Preview function in Camera Raw 8.4. She doesn't allow to see change of settings on concrete correction (to Basic, Curve, Effect.... and others), I can see only the general changes.


                              I need that button!!! To work in ACR 8.4 without this Preview button very badly.

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                                Chris Crevasse

                                Jules, if I understand your particular issue -- that you would like to be able to revert to the original image as it existed before any changes were made -- one option is to set a snapshot when you first open an image.  The snapshot panel is accessed through the far right icon, next to the presets icon.  However, if you do select the original snapshot after you've made changes to the image, I'm not sure how you would then revert to the image with the changes.

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                                  I am delighted that you have raised this problem.   I highlighted the issue in this forum on 06 March 2014 following use of the beta version of ACR 8.4 in Photoshop.   My particular concern was the inability to review the consecutive changes I made to my image individually with each of the panels (basic, tone curve, detail etc).   My post had no replies.   For me, being able to see the sequential changes I make to my image is fundamental to the flexibility of ACR and I would wholeheartedly join you in asking Adobe to reinstate this facility.


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                                    max.wendt Adobe Employee

                                    We're currently looking into a bug with the new Preview system in Camera Raw 8.4 when switching images in the filmstrip. This issue applies to CC applications only. We hope to have this resolved soon. Sorry about the inconvenience.

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                                      Hudechrome Level 2

                                      Thanks for checking in, Max.


                                      This isn't about switching images in a filmstrip. It's about the inability to examine changes in a specific panel, such as sharpness and noise, without reverting all the panels to the starting point.


                                      I hope this is clear.

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                                        Michelle Qi Adobe Employee

                                        There is an ACR update 8.4.1 for CC available via Creative Could updater. If you haven’t received the CC update notification yet, try “Help>Updates…” from your CC application. This update includes a fix for a bug in the new Preview feature. The bug caused Camera Raw to forget the "Before" settings when switching images in the filmstrip, thereby preventing the Preview feature from working. Please give this fix a try, let us know what you observe by posting to this forum. Thank you.

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                                          Carlos (Photoshopeando) Level 1

                                          Thanks, but... as Hudechrome already pointed out (in the post previous to yours), this isn't about images in a filmstrip.


                                          Anyway, I installed the update and, not surprisingly, things are the same as before regarding this particular issue .

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                                            Hudechrome Level 2

                                            Confirmed. 8.4.1 installed and behavior is as before.


                                            Please note Michelle, we are speaking of the individual panel Before and now ACR shows the composite Before's, no matter what panel is visible. We can use Ctrl Z to go back one step, but with multiple steps in, say, (especially!) Detail, we would want to see the current settings changes against the default, as the back button used to do.


                                            Please, please, bring it back! You can't believe how this "simple" change vastly complicates our work flow.

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                                              max.wendt Adobe Employee

                                              The new Preview feature was severely hobbled by the bug, making it almost impossible to understand when working with multiple images.


                                              I understand that you miss the old feature, but once you're able to see how the new one works, you'll recognize that it's much more powerful.


                                              The old preview button didn't give you any control of what it compared against; sometimes it was just the effects of the current panel against the work to that point, but sometimes it wasn't: the Basic panel would go back to the image settings, no matter what you had done on other panels. With the new "Save" button, you're in control of the "Before" state. Think of it as setting checkpoints as you work.


                                              If you want to see the effects of just one panel, click the "Save" button (or press opt/alt+P) to store the current settings to the Before state before you start making edits in that panel. Now as you make changes to that panel, you can see only the changes you've made in that panel, just as before.


                                              As you work through your edits, you can continue to update your Before state as you go, incrementally refining the image and comparing to each step - including in the Basic panel.


                                              You can also easily compare against the image settings, the Camera Raw defaults, or a snapshot: store the current settings into the Before state, apply the state you want to compare against, and swap between them.


                                              Once you've spent some time with this and see how you can control your Before state, I hope you'll find it as powerful and flexible as we designed it to be.

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                                                Carlos (Photoshopeando) Level 1

                                                Finally! So there we have it: this is the intended behavior, not a bug. This was my main concern, since Julieanne Kost said "While in the standard single-view, tapping the “P” key will still hide/show settings for only the selected panel". So, either I misunderstood what she meant, or this sentence is misleading.


                                                Although Max's insight on how to use this new feature is much appreciated, and indeed it enriches our workflow in many ways, I still think it's too convoluted when it comes to isolating changes from one specific panel, something that we did very easily before.


                                                Anyway, even if I'm sorry for the other people, I don't really care that much, since I'm a Lightroom user more than an ACR one. Which still makes me ask why ACR is departing from LR, since LR 5.4 still has the individual preview checkbox for each panel (on/off switch). In fact, LR also allows for these before/after views via the History panel and the "Y" shortcut, something that has now been partially built in into ACR 5.4, albeit at the expense of the aforementioned preview checkbox. Doesn't seem to make much sense, if you ask me - or maybe you plan on adding on/off switches to individual panels in ACR in the future? That would be cool.

                                                Anyway, all of the above is just my humble opinion and I'm trying to be constructive. Again, thanks for your clarification.

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                                                  Hanahoe Level 1


                                                  Thanks for the update 8.4.1 but I am afraid the update does not resolve the problem.   I rarely use ACR to develop multiple images.   The vast majority of my work is with single images.   Initially, I converted my raw image in ACR and then developed it in Photoshop.   But some time ago, as ACR became increasingly powerful, I decided to undertake all the development work in ACR and now I usually use Photoshop just for  output sharpening.   I do not think that I am alone in this approach.    For me, the issue  relates to the ability to review the developmental changes that I have made within each ACR Panel.    This is important to me and I do not find it acceptable first to save a preliminary Panel in order subsequently to review the current one; this is frustrating, cumbersome and inefficient.    Please re-instate the previous "Preview" facility which did an excellent job.

                                                  All best wishes


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                                                    Hudechrome Level 2

                                                    Hmmm, it actually doesn't work as stated. There is no Save button, but rather "Copy Current Settings to Before." If you don't pick correctly you wind up confused.


                                                    I have never experienced the problems you say existed in the legacy swap feature. It always worked as I expect. You now add an extra step, and if you foul up, the only recourse is to go to ACR defaults blowing all your settings.


                                                    No, I want the simple, before/after button we had before. Yes it may be powerful for some, but a drag for others. After 15 years with Photoshop, I am weary of cumbersome learning curves for simple to complex operational changes. (I still don't like the way Crop works in Photoshop, and I rarely use it in ACR).


                                                    If I am out in left field, perhaps there are others and therefore suggest a tutorial be provided when abandoning simple ways for complex ones so that those of us that only want the simple legacy can have it. I see it in the Brightness Contrast Adjustment Layer, so I know it's possible. At the very least, it gives us a fighting chance to go back when we are under the gun editing. Some of us actually bill for out time. I had to sharpen in PS only for the last job I did.

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                                                      Hudechrome Level 2

                                                      "As you work through your edits, you can continue to update...."


                                                      This looks like ACR is capturing some sort of History states, but without the History Panel. If so, completeting the changes by providing History states, negotiating as we do in PS, would be a positive step. This looks more like some interim move, not appreciated by moi anyway.

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                                                        Jeff Schewe Level 5

                                                        Hudechrome wrote:


                                                        No, I want the simple, before/after button we had before.


                                                        And, I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed...(and won't be coming back). I suggest you adapt your workflow to actualy use the Before/After capability.

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                                                          Hudechrome Level 2

                                                          I didn't address my comments to you. Butt out!

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                                                            Jeff Schewe Level 5

                                                            Hudechrome wrote:


                                                            I didn't address my comments to you. Butt out!


                                                            Uh huh...and what does that comment bring to the party?


                                                            Little to nothing...again, that ship has sailed. Move on bud.


                                                            The former preview button won't be returning (and those of us who appreciate the additional power and flexibility that Before/After provides aren't too concerned).

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                                                              Jeff Schewe Level 5

                                                              Carlos (Photoshopeando) wrote:


                                                              Which still makes me ask why ACR is departing from LR, since LR 5.4 still has the individual preview checkbox for each panel (on/off switch).


                                                              Just to be clear, the processing pipeline between ACR and LR are indeed matched between versions. The UI and usability tend to be slightly different. LR is an application, ACR is a plug-in. There is bound to be usability differences. As it stands now, there are things in ACR 8.4 that LR 5.4 can't do and visa versa.


                                                              LR tends to leverage new functionality in the processing pipeline that ACR introduces...but because of the way LR has been developed, the UI and usability will never be identical, just similar.


                                                              The bottom line is, use whatever tool matches your needs. For me, most of what I need to do I do in LR. Sometimes I'll move to ACR for certain functions (like the ability to change output spaces) while other times, LR's history is really useful. I really don't care that much where I do what.


                                                              But I must say that if your entire workflow is dependent on toggling the Preview button on/off, I really have to question how you are doing raw processing. This ain't a hill I would be willing to die on...I tend to use Snapshots when I'm trying to decide over one or the other outcomes. And, I'm pretty good at raw processing...written a couple of books on the subject ya know?


                                                              But, I have it on good authority that the old Preview functionality is gone and won't return. You can jump up and down and scream bloody murder and that won't change anything. It is what it is...deal with it and move on...

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                                                                Hudechrome Level 2

                                                                I did more work on this new process and while it does offer certain options not available before, I conclude it is now an interdependent workflow whereas the earlier version was independent.




                                                                Open a file, go to a panel say Details. and set the Before. Make changes, then go to say Basic. Set Before. Make changes. Now go back to Details and do before/after. You get both Panels simultaneously. This is totally beyond a simple "adjust your workflow".


                                                                I'll adjust it all right. Adjust it to DxO, use certain Presets for B&W which only ACR can do and leave the rest alone. DxO still does a way better sharpen and noise control than ACR. It's a math solution , not an eyeball solution. Unfortunately, DxO and PS do not play well together when open and minimized so I was drifting back to ACR, especially for my D7100 images. Now, I'll be looking the other way.

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                                                                  Carlos (Photoshopeando) Level 1

                                                                  Jeff, thanks for your answer and your insight - I know who you are and I highly value your knowledge.


                                                                  My workflow is not dependent on absolutely nothing specific, or at least I try it not to be so. This is technology and I know everything is bound to change sooner or later, so as far as things work in a predictable and effective way, I'm good (my real PS problems are others, like this one). But I'm sure you'll also understand that old habits die hard, and the old preview checkbox had been around for quite a while, so it's only natural that our workflows have somehow developed according to it.


                                                                  While I must agree that there are many reasons why Lightroom exists, and one of them is  -not by chance- a more complete user interface, I still think that the functionality of the old preview checkbox could have been preserved in some way. But I'm not screaming bloody murder or anything like that, I was just trying to make sure I've understood the way things work now. Thanks for your help.

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                                                                    I aggree.

                                                                    the new "swap before after" feature is totaly confusing


                                                                    do some changes to an image

                                                                    press p

                                                                    if you accidently press ctrl + z and press p

                                                                    you'll don't know what you're viewing.


                                                                    and the YY (cycles between) makes acr workflow VERY VERY SLOW


                                                                    so if you want to make ACR to look like lightroom, put an ON/OFF switch to each tab or just bring the preview button back


                                                                    the snanpshots is not a solution

                                                                    instead of one click to the old preview now you make 4 clicks


                                                                    1 snapshots -> 2 new snapshot -> 3 name the snaphot -> ok.



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                                                                      Hudechrome Level 2

                                                                      Thanks for posting.


                                                                      Notice there is no "Staff" flag accompanying Mr. Schewe's name. He is not an employee but has the temerity to come here and act as if he does. We have tangled in the past over this issue and still he persists in playing "Bad Cop" or similar. It doesn't work for me.


                                                                      I do appreciate his books and writings and have learned from them especially at the onset of ACR. That does not excuse his boorishness and his preempting the Staff person's reply to whom I addressed my concerns.


                                                                      As you can see, Mr Schewe, our findings are quite similar. We have a point and contrary to your assertion that there is nothing we can do, there is. One is rollback. If rollback cannot be accomplished for CC, then the alternate is to move back to CS6,and ignore ACR updates. Also, making use of LR (which is on this computer) and again, not updating.


                                                                      Imagine, one day you come home to find that the electrician has been there, and now where you had one switch to turn the lights on and off, there are three, and no instructions. One says before after, nothing happens, but by messing combinations of the three, you finally succeed in making something happen. But in the middle of all this you no longer can even turn the lights off nor is there any backtracking. Your only recourse is to find the breaker panel, switch it off and on and the system resets. But you still cannot simply turn your lights on and off from the new great system!


                                                                      That in a nutshell is what we have here.


                                                                      Software needs to be transparent. I also believe it should be invisible, that is it does not assert itself in the process unless you are doing something which can compromise operations (like deleting a .dll unknowingly). It will probably be a cold day in hades before we see that, but I can dream! But transparency is doable.


                                                                      Finally, respect for the people who come here to address their concerns and share their experiences and help cannot be an option. That seems to be not even an option.


                                                                      Mr. Schewe is welcome and encouraged to offer his  considerable expertise which I understand and is also true of all of us, is done with no compensation other than satisfaction in helping. Let's play nice!


                                                                      Thank you




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                                                                        max.wendt Adobe Employee

                                                                        There's no need to make a named snapshot for this - just save your Before state at any point that you want to compare.

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                                                                          Hudechrome Level 2

                                                                          Max, please see my post #28. It becomes confusing as the process continues.

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                                                                            Jeff Schewe Level 5

                                                                            Hudechrome wrote:


                                                                            Mr. Schewe is welcome and encouraged to offer his  considerable expertise which I understand and is also true of all of us, is done with no compensation other than satisfaction in helping. Let's play nice!


                                                                            Hum...first you sling some mud around and then you say play nice? That's delicious irony...


                                                                            No, I'm not an employee of Adobe, but I do actually work with the ACR & LR engineers developing and testing the products. So, when I say the Preview Button is gone, it's because I've had an email exchange with the ACR engineers that's what they told me.


                                                                            So, whether you like it or not, you may as well take the time to learn how to use Before/After or not. No skin off my nose because personally, I never used it. I use snapshots. Which if you use the keyboard short cut (Command/Shift S) allows for the creation of a new snapshot from any panel. All you have to do is type in the name & hit return.


                                                                            The advanteges of snapshots over the Preview button is you get to name the snapshot and the snapshot is stored in the xmp metadata so you can close out the image and recall it at any future time.


                                                                            Snapshots and Before/After are vastly more powerful than the old (and now gone) Preview button...

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                                                                              Hudechrome Level 2

                                                                              I give as I receive Jeff. Starting off with a note of respect instead of "the ship has sailed" or such would not have incurred my response.


                                                                              I have learned it and written my findings. It is an extended first look of course, but as you can see from even Max Wendt, we are not on the same page as to the best solution to the dilemma.


                                                                              I pay $600/yr/seat  for the right to use the software and obtain the updates/upgrades. I run LR, PS and Audition. My preference still lies with PS, mostly because it is what I have been using since before the turn of the millenia. As such I am on an equal footing with anyone here as to the degree of consideration for my POV and criticism.


                                                                              As to snapshots, you have recommended them in the past to a query I had and it did work, although slowing down more than I wished to do for general use. Now it's general use. Rather, if the Preview is actually gone then a history pallet would be a better choice, at least for me.


                                                                              Finally, it doesn't have to be gone. Just roll back to the earlier version. CS6 covers the D7100, and would be a last resort option. Of course, I'll continue to evaluate the new triple button version and will report back any findings and hopefully, some easing of the increased workload presented by the process.


                                                                              It has merit. As with Snapshots, I prefer that it be a choice.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Preview Button!!!!

                                                                                I too miss the preview button dearly but I am trying to get used to the new before/after and Alt-P - by the way, Alt-P is not a great shortcut on german keyboards since there is only the left Alt key, I actually mapped AltGr to function as Alt).


                                                                                The other thing I noticed is that pressing P with a gradient crashes Bridge every time - anyone else noticed this? (ACR 8.4, Bridge CC, Windows 8.1 64bit)

                                                                                • 37. Re: Preview Button!!!!
                                                                                  Hudechrome Level 2

                                                                                  I don't understand what you are doing with Gradient. I don't see it in ACR or Bridge, only PS, and would not expect to in Bridge.


                                                                                  What are your steps?

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Preview Button!!!!
                                                                                    lempinet Level 1

                                                                                    I mean the Graduated Filter - if it is active and I press P - Bridge including ACR crashes...

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Preview Button!!!!

                                                                                      I too took Julianne Kost's statement to mean that the "P" key could still be used to provide a  within panel Preview that the old check box and the "P" key provided in prior Camera Raw versions.   Well it does not!  Since she is an official Adobe representative I will try to contact her for an explanation of why her statement seems to be incorrect.


                                                                                      I use the within panel preview a great deal like many other Adobe Camera Raw users.  If I have to use a more cumbersome process than I find necessary, it is not progress to me.  What Adbobe should have done is left the within panel Preview capability in place and added the new Preview features to it, which all would have seen as an improvement.  In my world Product Managers and Marketing Management set product specifications not engineers.

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