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    Data merge exports to multiple PDFs all uniquely named from data


      I’m looking to automate data merge to create multiple PDFs per row of data (each PDF would have 10 pages) and with each PDF being named uniquely based on a column in the data.



      • InDesign document with multiple pages (10 pages).
      • CSV with 100 people.
      • I want to have a PDF for each person (100 pdfs).
      • Each PDF will be a 10 page document for that person.
      • Filename for each PDF should contain a single person’s name; to know which PDF to send to which person (report_john_doe.pdf).


      Roadblocks I’m hitting:

      • Data Merge that generates multiple InDesign docs; great but how do I automate them to then export to PDF + uniquely name the file based on a row/columns from the CSV?
      • Data Merge to Export PDF; this creates one PDF with every person in it.



      • InDesign CS6
      • Acrobat Pro


      I’ve searched around on the forums but it has been a bear to figure it out. Old scripts, 404 pages, certain functionality missing, and no step by step walkthrough to figure out how to use said script.


      Found this script but not sure how to set it up + use it.... ?



      What’s the best path to automate this via a combination of Data Merge, Scripts, Actions as necessary?


      Thanks for any help!