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    is it possible to load .swfs on top of scrollpane

    bb73 Level 1
      I have a scrollpane that links to a movie clip in my library that holds about 40 buttons. I'm using the scrollpane since the layout doesn't have enough room to show them all at once. This way the user can scroll down to see all the names. These buttons have the names of various articles on them. Upon clicking on an article a flashpaper .swf file of that article is loaded. Right now the article is loading into my scrollpane and seems to be kicking out the movie clip that contains the buttons. Upon closing out the flashpaper article the buttons return and work fine. The only issue I have with this is that if the user scrolls down, clicks on an article and then closes it out, the buttons reappear, but they are back at the top. The user would then need to scroll back down to where they were if there were wanting to click on the next article in line. Not a big deal, but it gets kina annoying after a while. I'd like to figure out a way for the flashpaper articles to load on top of the scroll pane so that when the user closes the flashpaper article the links below are where they left off. So far no matter what I try the flashpapers keep loading inside the scroll pane. Here is the code I'm using as applied to one of the 40 buttons:

      on (release) {
      _parent.loadMovie("MM/flashpaper/art2_120106_prev_injuries_unint.swf", 1);

      art2_120106_prev_injuries_unint.swf is the name of the flashpaper article being loaded.

      -I've tried changing the level number and that doesn't work
      -I've tried creating an empty movie clip in a layer above the buttons and that doesn't work:

      on (release) {
      _parent.loadMovie("MM/flashpaper/art2_120106_prev_injuries_unint.swf", "artMC");

      ("artMC" is the empty movie clip)
      -I've tride creating an empty movie clip in the main timeline above the scrollpane and that doesn't work either

      any thoughts on how I should handle this?