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    Settings for New Images - bug??

      When setting New Images permissions for a role in CT4 on WinXP: Edit > Administer Websites > select site > select role > Edit Role Settings > New Images

      If 'Reject images that exceed max file size' is selected, if I uncheck the 'Enable Contribute image processing' option, then OK > Close, when I go to the New Images dialog again, 'Enable Contribute image processing' is checked - that is, my settings are not saved. Happens every time.

      If I select 'Automatically reduce image dimensions', then uncheck 'Enable Contribute image processing' then OK > Close, my settings are saved.

      In other words, I cannot disable image controls in the New Images dialog, unless 'Automatically reduce image dimensions' is selected. OK I can still achieve what I want to achieve, but was damn annoying until I figured it out. Is this a CT4 bug?