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    version 11.4


      how 2 install version 11.4 on mac 10.5?

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          cindytom123 wrote:


          how 2 install version 11.4 on mac 10.5?

          You can't. Flash Player was the LAST version for OS10.5.  That link is a zip file.

          Inside that should be a few folders. One is named "10_3_r183_90".

          Inside that folder is a flashplayer_10_3r183_90_mac_intel.dmg


          Double click that and it will mount on your desktop, and open a window with the installer.


          Right click the installer and choose "Show Package Contents"


          Go to: Contents/Resources and double click the Adobe Flash Player.pkg file


          The installer will open, ask for your Admin password, and it will install.