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    Master collection install after creative cloud membership has been cancelled


      Hi, - appreciate any advice you can give me - thanks

      Some time ago I purchased Master Collection CS6 then later I joined creative cloud but then cancelled my subscription later on - now I am wanting to use my purchased master collection software again.  When I cancelled my creative cloud subsciption I uninstalled the creative cloud software, then later installed the master collection software from a download link provided in my account.  After installing master collection it accepts my serial number without any problems but when I open a master collection application such as photoshop a window pops up telling me to renew my subsciption - but my subscription has already been cancelled, so I am unable to use any of my master collection applications.  Is there any way I can get my master collection software to work, without being advised to renew my subscription - thanks for any help you can give me - much appreciated - cheers Amanda