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    Cannot Reinstall my Photoshop

    Thomas Lee 2516

      I got an error code when I was updating Camera Raw, then followed the procedure to uninstall Photoshop. When I went to reinstall Photoshop, install program crashed. I tried restarting, same result.


      I've got deadlines coming quickly. This is very, very bad. Please help.





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          Curt Y Level 7

          What program, what OS?

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            Thomas Lee 2516 Level 1

            OS 10.9.2.

            PS CS6


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              Thomas Lee 2516 Level 1

              I was able to download a new CS6. After downloading, Adobe Application Manager gave a screen that said "Installation Complete, some items for the following product(s) could not be installed successfully. Photoshop"


              Gave an error summary link which went like this:

              Exit Code: 6

              Please see specific errors below for troubleshooting. For example,  ERROR: DF024 ...


              -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------

              - 0 fatal error(s), 1 error(s)


              ----------- Payload: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Core {9124DF4E-617D-486B-A970-8FA632244F24} -----------

              ERROR: DF024: Unable to preserve original file at "/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Adobe Photoshop CS6.app/Contents/Frameworks/AdobeCrashReporter.framework/AdobeCrashReporter" (Seq 94)


              Tried restarting in safe mode, installation still unsuccessful. Then I trashed my AIR installer program and tried to reinstall that. Screen says installation may not be allowed by administrator. I'm the administrator. Believe me, it's fine!


              How can I just clean everything Adobe off of my computer and start fresh?

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                Thomas Lee 2516 Level 1

                Problem solved.


                Found a way to chat directly with an Adobe rep (on a Saturday morning, no less).  Govardhan was patient, did not mention what a big mess I had made out of a simple update, and walked me through a solution. If anyone has this same problem, what Gorvardhan had me do was uninstall CS6, then drag the Adobe Photoshop CS6 folder from the Applications folder into the trash, then try reinstalling Photoshop CS6, which was successful! Then I was able to update CS6 and now we're in business.