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    Can't open the Extension Manager CS6

    Civic1500 Level 1



      After installation of my new Master Collection CS6 package, I found that I can't launch the Extension Manager. I could see the first screen of the EM but the cursor just running and saying the loading of extension function is in the progress. I wait for an hour but the EM didn't open at all.  Can anyone here could give me a help?



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          Carl Sun Level 4

          1.  Please update Extension Manager CS6 to the latest version 6.0.8. You can download the patch file from http://www.adobe.com/exchange/em_updates/ then install it, or you can update it with Adobe Application Manager / Adobe Creative Cloud.

            2.  Then launch Extension Manager as administrator for the first time. On Windows, right click EM then select “Run as administrator”; on Mac, use sudo command in Terminal as follows:


          •   Run "/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app".


          •   Input the following command then press "Return" key. Don't miss the double quotation marks.


          •      sudo "/Applications/Adobe Extension Manager CS6/Adobe Extension Manager CS6.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Extension Manager CS6"


          •   Input password of administrative user then press "Return" key.

            3.  If EM starts up correctly, you don’t have to run it as administrator next time.

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            chyeungc Level 1

            I can't open EM even using administrator's role.



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              chyeungc Level 1

              Sorry, I finally did it.  Many thanks.



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                slevine55 Level 1

                I'm having this same issue with Extension Manager CC. I downloaded the latest version and ran the commands above in terminal (suggested by Carl Sun), but neither have fixed the issue. When I open the Extension Manager app, the window opens, but I just get a spinning clock, like the application is loading, but it never actually loads. Opening the Adobe Exchange panel within Photoshop CC also results in a forever spinning loading wheel.


                Victor, how were you able to get it to work?

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                  Carl Sun Level 4
                  Please generate log files and send it to exman.beijing@gmail.com.



                  1. In Terminal window, run the following commands in turn:

                     cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Extension\ Manager\ CC/

                     mkdir Log

                     cd Log

                     touch ExManCoreLibLog.YES


                  2. Open Finder, hold down "option" key, click menu "Go"->"Library" to go into hidden Library folder, then go to its subfolder "Application Support/Adobe/Extension Manager CC/Log", check whether file ExManCoreLibLog.YES exists.


                  3. Launch Extension Manager CC.


                  4. After EM hangs, force quit it, send the log file in the Log folder above to us.