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    margins are not printing

    Vaheeez Level 1

      Hey I have 1/8" margins around my pages (facing pages 8.5x11 layout) but when I print full bleed the margins get cut off... I've tried every combination of print settings possible I don't undestand how to fix this. Please help!

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          Migintosh Level 4

          What size paper are you printing to? If you expect to print an 8.5x11 page to 8.5x11 paper with full bleed, you need a printer that can print borderless, which most printers can't do.


          The way most people do full bleed is to print with crop marks to a larger sheet (like 11x17 in your case), and use the crop marks (at the finished size) to trim the bleed (which extends beyond the crop marks) from the finished size (8.5x11 in your case).

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            Vaheeez Level 1

            Right but my printer does print borderless - this is the issue. It prints full bleed but cuts of anything beyond my pink border in ID

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              You probably need to set the page size in the dirver to boderless, then set the page size in the ID print dialog to Defined By Driver.


              What pink border? Is that some sort of guide? A screen shot would help. You can embed it in a post using the camera icon onthe web page, like this:


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                Vaheeez Level 1


                My driver is set to broderless, paper size - Defined by Driver, checked "use document bleed settings" ... tried a million different combinations and can't figure out what the problem is


                Does borderless mean that it eliminates my Indesign border? (the pink margin)

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                  Migintosh Level 4

                  From your first post, it sounded like you had a full-bleed document that did not print full bleed. Now it sounds like you're saying that you designed a margin into your page and it is printing with bleed. Which do you want?


                  If the latter, check to see if there is a setting in your print window (which will vary, depending on the printer you are using) that lets you scale the page to fit the printable area. If you don't want bleed, you want there to be no scaling at the printer.


                  Also keep in mind that there will be some "drift" when printing to an office printer. The position of the image on the page will vary, because the printer has to pull the page through the printer as it deposits the image, and tolerances on office printers are not expected to be 100% acurate.

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                    Vaheeez Level 1

                    Well it's a large portfolio, and I have some full bleed pages and some pages with margins. The point is, I need the printer to print my pages exactly like they are (w or without margins), so I'm thinking that logically it makes sense to print everything "full bleed", and build the margins into my document instead of having the printer decide them for me... In other words, if you print that example page I posted at Full Bleed... shouldn't it maintain it's 1/8" margin?

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                      Vaheeez Level 1

                      I have an Epson 1430 that can print borderless

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                        Migintosh Level 4

                        Here's a screenshot from my InDesign CS5.5 with an Aficio printer:

                        Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 12.17.13 AM.png

                        As you can see in the Options section, there is a radio button to scale the page to a percentage, a radio button to scale to what ever page size is selected, and a checkbox to Constrain Proportions. The way this is usually used is to scale larger pages to print to smaller paper (we use that to proof where I work). What I'm suggesting is that when you choose Full Bleed on your printer, it may be enlarging your page in order to bleed. This may be useful if the designer didn't build a bleed into his/her page, but only placed the image area to stop at the boundaries of the page (i.e., not extending into the pasteboard). But, if you have an area on the margins of your page that you want no image printed, it's possible that this setting in your print window is enlarging the page to print beyond the edge. I don't know that this is happening, but I'm throwing it out there for you to investigate.


                        You might also consider exporting to PDF and see if that prints better. Some printers don't print well from InDesign, but can print well from PDF.

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          My understanding of how printers like this do borderless is that they scale the image slightly. The photo of your page looks to me like it has a very thin white margin, which is what I would expect to happen if the page image is being scaled in the printer.


                          I think you'd do better to print only full bleed pages as borderless, but you might have to adjust the with of your margin on regular pages to be slightly larger than the non-printing area.


                          Or you could print normally on a larger sheet and trim.