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    CReative Cloud freezes when trying to update payment informations

    sebdea Level 1

      Hi there,


      I tried to update my payment detils. I eneterd on creative.adobe.com from Safari browser. Is the one I am using all the time. I logged in my account, went to Manage Your Account/Plan Information and selected Update Payment Info. And that's all. It completely freeze. It is doing nothing. I cannot even go back to main menu. It is simply stop working. I cannot even log out from my account.


      Kindly enlight me what wrong. I even read on that forum that a customer support memeber said that the Update payment Info is deactivate it by Adobe? Why?


      Warm regards,



      LATE EDIT: I had tried several times using Safari. I even Reset Safri and tried. No help. So I installed Chrome. It works. Maybe was something from Safari. I do not know.