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    Using regexp

    phil74801 Level 1

      Hello everybody


      In a textfield, I have got several lines with a carriage return. I would like to delete only the last carriage return of the last line. How can I do that with a regexp. In InDesign, the regexp is : search (?=\r)\r and replace with nothing.


      But in LiveCycle


      In the exit event:


      var str = this.rawValue;

      this.rawValue = str.replace(/ what here? /,"");


      Many thanks

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          radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          have you tried replace(/?=\r/g, "") ?


          There are a few limitations in EcmaScript used by Acrobat/Readers JavaScript engine, so lookaheads or lookbehinds in regular expresions aren't supported. I currently don't remember which one it was.