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    Problem with Publishing


      In Adobe Premier Elements 11, when I try to Publish, I no longer see the options of "Blue Ray" or "Disc" I only see the Theme Menu. I am not interested in having a theme. But my only choice is to choose a theme or "Cancel" How do I get back to just choosing Disc?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          When one goes to Publish + Share to Burn a Disc, but there is not Menu Set chosen, a pop-up warning dialog will appear, instructing the user that no Menu has been chosen. On that dialog screen is a checkbox, "Do not show this again." If that box is checked one will not see the dialog and will be taken to the Menu Theme screen.


          To get back to what you had, go to Edit>Preferences>General, and put a checkmark in the box for "Show all do not show again messages."


          That should get the dialog box, and when you do, choose No, to go straight to the Burn to Disc section.


          Good luck,



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            memitch Level 1

            Thanks so much Bill. I’ll give it a try.