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    create symbol script

      When I go to "Create Symbol Script" from the command menu to create a rich symbol I can use later
      from a saved symbol I created and saved in the common library
      the field for "Element Name" is a drop down so I cannot enter anythig there.

      From the way it should work its suppose to be a textfield where you can enter your own label name
      Please advise
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          abeall Level 3
          What you need to do is give your elements name in the symbol. You can name them either in the Layers panel or by selecting them and using the Properties panel. Default names like "Path" and auto named text won't work.

          After you've edited your Symbol make sure you re-save it to the Common Library before you try to run the Create Symbol Script.
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            asolman13 Level 1
            Please elaborate
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              abeall Level 3
              Elaborate on what? :-)

              1) Open your Symbol
              2) Select an element
              3) In Properties panel, or in Layers panel, give it a name, such as "myThingy". Avoid using spaces or strange characters.
              4) Close Symbol
              5) Open Window > Library, select your Symbol, click the panel menu, choose "Save to Common Library..."
              6) Save it
              7) Now run the Create Symbol Script and load the Symbol you just saved. The Element Name dropdown should offer "myThingy". If you name more of your elements they will all appear in the drop down. Symbol script properties need a named element to work. If you don't name your elements, it can't do anything.