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    Are RAW formats still recognized in After Effects CS6 since latest CameraRawUpdate?

    A C Level 1

      Apple iMac 10.1

      Apple MBP 10.1


      Adobe Production Premium CS6

      Adobe Lightroom 5

      Camera Raw v


      Since the last update to AdobeCameraRaw, I can no longer import RAW still image file types into After Effects CS6.  Results are the same on both computers.

      In the Import Dialogue Box, CR2 and DNG file formats are greyed-out. 

      When attempting to click and drag a folder containing CR2 or DNG images into After Effects :


      Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 07.15.23.png

      All files and folders containing  these file types in previous After Effects projects have been rendered offline.

      JPEGs, TIFFs and PSDs are supported and recognized and capable of being imported.

      CR2 and DNG are not.

      .MOV, .AVI and all other video formats that I have on hand to test remain stable.


      CR2 in After Effects 11 was working  just fine until the latest AdobeCameraRaw update.


      Has anyone experienced similar problems?


      Is there a solution?