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    PPCC fails to launch


      I have only edited one short clip with my PPCC previously. I started the tutorial for using SpeedGrade listed in the PPCC tutorials. It shows you how to send you sequence to SpeedGrade. When I attempted this action, a selection came up ('do I want to start a new project?') and I selected exit, which then closed down my SpeedGrade. The PPCC also had the same window asking, 'do I want to start a new project'. I pressed exit, and it closed the PPCC program. When I went to reopen the program to try again, it failed to launch. Each time it just says, 'this program has stopped working, windows is searching for a solution'.


      I have unistalled and reinstalled the program 3 times, rebooting my computer as well. PPCC still fails to launch. Speedgrade opens, but PPCC does not. I feel like I have somehow cause a loop to occur in the setup that always gets to 'exit'.


      I have looked at the previous forums where people mention that there PPCC 'crash  on launch', I have deleted my Profile-Username. I then try to relaunch PPCC, and the file Profile-Username file is rebuilt and after that happens the program crashes.


      Does anyone have a solution to this?


      As a side note, I am running Windows 8.1


      As another side note: when I 'reinstall' the program, the creative cloud says 'updating PPPCC', which makes me wonder if a preset of sort was saved in the cloud I don't know about and it is just reinstalling the last program setting I used...