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    ScrollPane content

      Hi i am trying to take data that i recieve from a database and put
      that data into a scroll pane. I can recieve the data fine and put it
      on the page, but how can i add this to a scrollpane? here is my code
      to get the data on the page.

      function getShirts_Result(rs){
      cant = rs.result.length //how many rows are in our recordset?
      for(var i=0; i<cant; i++){
      //Dinamyc put base on stage and fetch data to it
      attachMovie("base", "base"+i, i, {_x:(300*(i%2))+250,_y:
      this["base"+i].ShirtName_txt.text =
      this["base"+i].ShirtPrice_txt.text =



      ok so you can probably tell, but the movie clip base needs to be
      loaded into the scrollpane and then the two text blocks and the loader
      need to recieve the data from the db .

      thanks for any help i have been trying to work this out, but nothing
      shows up inside the scrollpane.