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    Illustrator spontaneously stops working...


      Illustrator stops working/responding and closes down erasing any progress I've made on my current project.  I'm not terribly tech savy so please formulate answers in leyman's terms.  I have an ASUS Laptop and I have Bridge, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, InDesign and Flash, all from the Creative Cloud suite, installed.  I have 512 MB of VRAM (because I was told I needed at least that to run these programs).  I'm not sure about any other specs but am willing to be directed to where I can find them if needed.  I also have a back up external drive that I use to store the bulk of my photos.  I have Windows 8 OS.  Let me know what other info is needed to help diagnose my problem. 




      Thank you in advance for any help.