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    Keynote 6, PPT, and Presenter


      I have an issue that I think might affect maybe 2 or 3 others in addition to me!


      I use Keynote to create my slide decks for Presenter, the export the Keynote deck to PPT, for loading into Presenter. YES, I am a MAC user... And I really wish that someday somehow Presenter would have the capability to run as an application on a MAC and import Keynote... More on that in a minute.


      So I have through Presenter 7,8, and 9 successfully used that workflow: Keynote, Export to PPTx, then move to a WIN machine and load into PowerPoint.


      That worked fine last with

           Keynote 09

           export to PPTx

           load into PowerPoint 2013 with Presenter 9


      BUT with Keynote 6, I have problems. The problem being that animations would not work in Presenter the way they always have. When I get to the last annimation on a given slide, Presenter would leave up the NEXT ANNIMATION arrow, and expect me to move from IF there is a transiton. So Presenter was not recognizing the difference between an onslide annimation and a transition.


      This was annoying enough to me that I fiddled around with it and found... Using

           Keynote 6

           export to PPT (NOT PPTx)

           load into PowerPoint 2013 with Presenter 9


      That the problem is solved. Somehow exporting to old PPT format makes Presenter understand the situation.



      That was the specific.



      The general issue is... WHY DOESN"T ADOBE VALUE MAC CUSTOMERS! The continuous ignoring of MAC customers by Adobe in relation to PPT is not only annoying but has risen after 5-6 years now to be totally maddening. Its like Adobe does not WANT MAC users to use Presenter. Every time I have to use WIN PPT I grit my teeth. And do it, because conceptually Presenter is tremendously good. Just not for MAC people.


      So here is the yet bigger picture. Why doesn't Adoble move the functionality of Presenter into Captivate - since Cpativate is both MAC and PC available. Captivate enables loading in PPT but does not allow (last time I looked) anything other than using slides as background. Moreover to edit the slkdes, you have to stay linked to PPT.


      Adobe could seel one package that had both products if they want to keep the two lines separate for income stream and have the unlock for PRESENTER be separate from the unlock for CAPTIVATE.


      AND on the Mac side, if you would enable Keynote use, it would be truly great!!


      So, this has been a public service announcement for anyone having the same specific trouble I had, AND its been an editorial to request Adobe to play a llitte nicer with MAC users....